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Monday, May 25, 2015

We aren't soliciting we are saving!!!

May 25th 2015:

First of all, HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! This week was a long but fast week. Not too much happen this week, Sister Sutton was sick on Tuesday so we spent the whole day literally doing nothing. That was fun. And yes, we did attend the aquarium for free! We were like little kids on Christmas morning. 
We knocked doors for 6 hours on Thursday. And man was it hot! We were exhausted and thirsty! We prayed that someone would offer us water, and SOMEONE DID!  Prayer works guys! I was getting really tired of people saying they weren't interested in our message. They aren't interested, because they don't know the importance of the message. I decided was going to pull out my puppy eyes (the ones I use on my dad), and tell them that I left my family for 18 months to share this very important message with her. She said she was just about to leave, but we could come back another time. I learned that not only do they work on my dad, they also work on pretty much everyone. 
 Let me just tell you about all the great looks people give us on Bay Shore, when we are biking in a skirt. Some people even take pictures of us, so if you see some random picture of me in a skirt on a bike, please don't forget to tag me! ;) jk don't do that. But I would not be surprised if there was some random picture of me on instagram, it happens more than you would think! 
 Well I hope you all have a great week! I love and miss you all!
p.s. My mail box is starting to collect dust. I would not be apposed if you guys sent me letters! :) 
502 s Fremont Ave
apt. 816
Tampa, fl, 33606

How many pictures do you think I took before I actually ate the pizza?

It's free! Who doesn't like free?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Work hard, Preach hard!

May 18th 2015:

Man, Tampa is starting to get really hot! But the Lord blesses us with rain everyday around 5:00. so last Monday we were complaining that it was too hot, so the Lord deiced to dump a huge bucket of water on Tampa, unfortunately we weren’t near any kind of shelter. We had to run to a prespertarian church near by to hide. 
 I have also come to realize that Tampa is just one big mixing pot; I have met people from all over! It is actually pretty cool. Oh, I almost forgot I ATE ALLIGATOR!!!! It was soo good. I would highly recommend putting it on your bucket list of things to try. Well like I mentioned earlier it is hot, and one day Sister Sutton and I wanted ice cream. We went to the nearest grocery store and bought a half gallon of gelato and finished it in 5 minutes. Don't worry I am not getting fat, I do lots of sit ups in the morning. ;) 
 Sister Sutton and I are still pretty new to this whole missionary stuff, and half the time we don't know what we are doing, but apparently we know how to plan. Our STL's called us this week and told us that we were brought up around 4 times in the leadership meeting. President kept telling everyone how good we are at planning. We were really shocked by that. Haha 
   Last Monday we had an appointment with a LA at 3:30. (we were ending our pday like 3 hours early) So we weren't the happiest we were ending our pday to go to a less actives house who isn’t the nicest to the missionaries. We went to her house, and she was in a great mood, she loved our message. Towards the end of the lesson her daughter came over, Sister Mcara (the senior missionary) asked her daughter if she was a member. Sure enough she wasn't, sister Mcara asked her if she would like to hear the missionary discussions! She told us she would love them and set up a return appointment without us even asking her. We had the appointment and she just soaked up everything we said, her husband loved our message and kept saying “It all makes sense now!". The Lord truly does bless those who are diligent! 
 Well TTFN I am going to the aquarium for free! Perks of teaching cool people. ;) 

Sister Judkins



Monday, May 11, 2015

No one told me I had another sister.

May 11th 2015:

 Sister Sutton is my long lost twin! We are the exact same person! Everyone asks us if we are sisters. It is pretty funny. Well this week was another great week of missionary work. My week consisted of; knocking doors, knocking doors, and knocking more doors! Sister Sutton and I make the best of it, we have a pretty good time! But we have been working hard, and it is paying off. We actually have lessons scheduled for this week! 
  I leaned a valuable lesson this week, don't trust the chocolate shops here. I know, I took it hard too! Unfortunately you don't get to hear the story. Maybe another time! 
 I actually learned another thing this week, this one actually is a valuable lesson. Coming on my mission was a very hard choice, many of you know I didn't really want to go on one. It was a huge leap of faith to submit those papers and answer the call of the prophet to come to Tampa. And guess what, the Lord caught me! He has carried me the whole time! If you take a leap of faith the Lord will catch you. Now it doesn't mean it is going to make it easy, it is still going to be hard. But he will give you the strength to keep pushing through! So trust in the Lord! 
 oh and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you great women out there especially to my mom! I love you all! sorry I don't have much to write about this week. 

Sister Judkins

Check out my double chin.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Knocking Doors Builds Character

May 4th 2015:

What a stressful and sad week! Sister Sackley is gone! :( She got transferred. But I have been blessed with another great companion, Sister Sutton. She is from Queen Creek Arizona. The both of us don't really know where we are going. We haven't gotten too lost yet. Everyone thinks we are sisters. Unfortunately no one wants to hear our message, they just want to talk about how adorable we are! Haha We have knocked a lot of doors this week and have gotten the same response; " No sorry we already have Jesus in our life, but you guys are adorable!" 

 We are teaching this guy named David, he is a shark wrangler and works for Rippleys Believe it or not in Canada, oh and he is Brittish. He is the coolest guy EVER! Sister Sutton and I worked our charm to get free aquarium tickets out of him, So we will be attending the aquarium in the near future.

I didn't fall of my bike this week, so that was good! We are working on trying to flip south Tampa, We have knocked a lot of doors and had no success, well we planted a lot of seeds so I guess we have had success! I hope you all have a splendid week!

Sister Judkins