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Monday, May 11, 2015

No one told me I had another sister.

May 11th 2015:

 Sister Sutton is my long lost twin! We are the exact same person! Everyone asks us if we are sisters. It is pretty funny. Well this week was another great week of missionary work. My week consisted of; knocking doors, knocking doors, and knocking more doors! Sister Sutton and I make the best of it, we have a pretty good time! But we have been working hard, and it is paying off. We actually have lessons scheduled for this week! 
  I leaned a valuable lesson this week, don't trust the chocolate shops here. I know, I took it hard too! Unfortunately you don't get to hear the story. Maybe another time! 
 I actually learned another thing this week, this one actually is a valuable lesson. Coming on my mission was a very hard choice, many of you know I didn't really want to go on one. It was a huge leap of faith to submit those papers and answer the call of the prophet to come to Tampa. And guess what, the Lord caught me! He has carried me the whole time! If you take a leap of faith the Lord will catch you. Now it doesn't mean it is going to make it easy, it is still going to be hard. But he will give you the strength to keep pushing through! So trust in the Lord! 
 oh and HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all you great women out there especially to my mom! I love you all! sorry I don't have much to write about this week. 

Sister Judkins

Check out my double chin.

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