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Monday, May 25, 2015

We aren't soliciting we are saving!!!

May 25th 2015:

First of all, HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! This week was a long but fast week. Not too much happen this week, Sister Sutton was sick on Tuesday so we spent the whole day literally doing nothing. That was fun. And yes, we did attend the aquarium for free! We were like little kids on Christmas morning. 
We knocked doors for 6 hours on Thursday. And man was it hot! We were exhausted and thirsty! We prayed that someone would offer us water, and SOMEONE DID!  Prayer works guys! I was getting really tired of people saying they weren't interested in our message. They aren't interested, because they don't know the importance of the message. I decided was going to pull out my puppy eyes (the ones I use on my dad), and tell them that I left my family for 18 months to share this very important message with her. She said she was just about to leave, but we could come back another time. I learned that not only do they work on my dad, they also work on pretty much everyone. 
 Let me just tell you about all the great looks people give us on Bay Shore, when we are biking in a skirt. Some people even take pictures of us, so if you see some random picture of me in a skirt on a bike, please don't forget to tag me! ;) jk don't do that. But I would not be surprised if there was some random picture of me on instagram, it happens more than you would think! 
 Well I hope you all have a great week! I love and miss you all!
p.s. My mail box is starting to collect dust. I would not be apposed if you guys sent me letters! :) 
502 s Fremont Ave
apt. 816
Tampa, fl, 33606

How many pictures do you think I took before I actually ate the pizza?

It's free! Who doesn't like free?

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