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Monday, June 22, 2015

You have such a glow about you.. No it's just sweat.

June 1 2015:

Hello friends and family! This week has been amazing! WE SET A DATE!  We have been working hard for the past few weeks, and haven't had too much luck with finding people. But we didn't lose faith, we kept being diligent and The Lord blessed us with a FAMILY!!! We are so excited!
   Sister Sutton and I were biking down the street and passed this homeless man, he was looking straight ahead and just yelled, "Praise God for beautiful women!" That is when I say, "Oh Tampa! s
  In District meeting we have been really focusing on planning, because we are more effective and efficient when we have good solid plans. I never really thought that planning was so important, but it is very true. Something that really stood out to me was; are you planning to fulfill our fathers plan? It made me really look at where I am right now, and where I plan on going when I get home. My end goal is to live with my Father in Heaven, am I taking the steps that will lead me there? These were kind of the questions I asked myself after district meeting. I think they are very important questions, that will help you evaluate the path you are on in life, and see if that path leads you to what your end goal is. If its not look to your father for strength in changing directions. He will help you, and I can testify to that! I have asked for SO MUCH HELP on my mission, and I have received every bit of strength I have needed. God lives and He loves each and everyone of you! 
  Well Folks I apologize for all of my short and random emails. I love and miss you all!

Sister J

Yes this is a cricket

Because I have an aunt named Nance, and I love her.

Florida storms are amazing!

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