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Monday, June 29, 2015

My heart is empty, but my belly is full

June 29 2015:

You know when Dory on finding Nemo says," Just keep swimming, just keep swimming." I say that to myself everyday. Missions are hard, but you really learn how to make the best out of every situation. When times get hard it really helps you recognize the Lords hand in your life! And I see his hand everyday! 
 Our ward mission leader moved! It doesn't get better than Brother Lewis! He has been the best ward mission leader ever! It was really sad saying bye to his family, but Sister Sutton and I have already started planning our trip to Cali to visit the Lewis family! 
 The senior couple in our ward, the Mcara's had to go back home due to medical reasons. That was really hard. They live right under us and we have really became close to them. It was really hard saying bye to them! I thought that I was done with my goodbyes. Man was I wrong!! But they gave us all of their food, we we wont have to shop for awhile! 
 Sister Sutton and I try several things to try and entertain us while we are knocking doors and street contacting. It is amazing the things that actually entertains us, like this week we have been entertained by a penny. One of us will pick heads or tails and whichever one it lands on has to do something. For example, Sister Sutton told me every time I saw a lizard I had to stick my tongue out, and every time she saw a bird she has to jump. We might have looked slightly ridiculous, but then again we already look ridiculous walking around all day in this heat. 
I hope you all have a great week!
P.s I am accepting letters! 
 502 S Fremont Ave
Apt. 816
Tampa Fl, 33606
Sister J
"Fake it till you make it"-Amy Rasmussen

Soccer game

The Mcaras

Brother Lewis

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