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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Live what you know to be true.

July 6 2015

I am really starting to love it here, I mean I am getting tan and burning calories all day! Isn't that what every girl dreams of doing!? I get to do it 24/7. No, but really no sarcasm intended. I really do like it here.
It is always funny when a teenager or a college guy answers the door. There expressions when they see two young, blond, sweaty girls at the door is always priceless. This last week we knocked on this apartment full of college boys. They were really surprised to see us at their door step. I don't think they took us very seriously, they were teasing us and being kind of disrespectful. They said they would watch the 2 minute video on Jesus Christ. So we showed them Because He Lives, as soon as the video was over, you could tell they realized we were serious. They were really nice and respectful after. Sister Sutton and I laughed pretty hard. And they got a huge spiritual slap in their face! It was fun to watch. 

The 4th of July was a long day. No one was home, and we had spent the whole day knocking on doors. We knocked on this one house, a lady answered and turned us down. We left and continued down the street, when we heard someone calling us, we turned around and it was the same lady that just rejected us. She felt bad and thought of her son and how he is around our same age, so she decided to invite us over for dinner! We gladly accepted the offer. Unfortunately I think she had a hidden agenda to hook one of us up with her son.
I have come to a conclusion on my mission; Ice cream cures the soul. And when You have the Book of Mormon and Ice cream together, it is a crucial tool in soothing the soul. So If you are having a bad day just sit down get yourself a nice bowl of ice cream, and read The Book of Mormon.
I hope you all have a splendid week :)
1. My homie; Sister Sutton. ( don't tell her I sent this.)  
3. This picture is deceiving, I didn't really jump in.

-Sis J

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