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Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13th 2015:

This week was a good one, the weather hasn't been too deathly but that is mostly because it pours for random periods of time so then it cools it down outside..and then it gets super humid and my hair gets nice and fluffy. I have decided I will never be comfortable with any weather here because either it is burning hot and humid outside which makes me sweat buckets and then I go into air conditioning and it feels really good for about 5 min. and then I freeze because I am so wet, or its pouring rain and I am soaking wet and then I am cold. So in general, Florida's weather is dumb. But, I'm sure I will miss it some day!

So last Monday was quite special! Me and Sister Sutton were at the Winn Dixie grocery shopping and as we are walking down the isle the manager of the store comes up and asks us if we are the owners of a silver car with a bike rack on the back. Yep that was us! He said come with me, someone has just witnessed your car being damaged in the parking lot. So long story short some person hit our parked car, took out a piece of paper and pretended to write their information on it and left the lovely blank piece of paper on our windshield. The front left of our car is pretty bad! So that was fun, they couldn't get the license number or anything either so we have no clue who did it. Anyway that made Pday sort of a downer.

Our investigators Paula and her daughter Demiah Henderson are supposed to be baptized this Saturday! We are SO excited!!! It has been almost two months that we've been teaching them and I think this is finally it! They both have their interviews and everything set up this week and the baptism will take place on Saturday at 10:00 am. We have worked so hard with this family and this was me and Sister Suttons first ever experience with teaching anyone or preparing anyone for baptism and we might actually get it done! Keep them in your prayers for us!
Well folks I love and miss you all! I know this is the Lords work and I am so grateful that I have this opportunity to be in Florida for 18 short months! Have a splendid week and remember who you are! 
1. coolest tree ever!

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