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Monday, February 22, 2016


February 8th 2016:

What does a lion use to check its hair?
A Mir-roar 

I am noticing a pattern. When ever we meet people for the first time they think our last names are our first names, and that is because Sister Morgan sounds like a first name. So everyone thinks Judkins is my first name. It's pretty annoying. But they never remember my name anyways so I just get called Blondie. Me and sister Morgan are referred to as "Morgan and Blondie". It happens all the time! 
Stephanie had her interview this week for her baptism. The Elder that interviewed her walked out and said, "where can we get one of her." I told you she is awesome! He said she pretty much quoted word for word the answers in preach my gospel (preach my gospel is our missionary guide.) a member made the comment that she just lights up when she comes, and it is very true. She just has this light about her! The lord truly is preparing people, and they are all around us! People you would never expect. 
Stephanie was baptized on Saturday and then confirmed on my birthday at church! It was the best way to spend my birthday! There is nothing more powerful than watching someone make their first covenant with the Lord. 
Yes, my birthday was this week. I wasn't the most excited to turn 20, but thank you to Sister Morgan and a package from home it was a good birthday. And if you forgot it was my birthday I'm still accepting letters ;) 
This last week I have been studying about Joseph smith and how he was raised. His parents were both strong in their faith, and the children had Christ in their home but they were encouraged to seek out the truth for themselves. Joseph smith was confused about which church to join, so he went to the bible!!! And the scriptures is what led him to truth and what gave him the faith to receive an answer through prayer. What 14 year old boy goes to the scriptures for help? He did, and he did because of how is parents raised him. It makes me wonder if he wasn't raised like that would the restoration have happen through him? 

  1. How I feel about being 20. Ew.
  2. She is baptized!!! 

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