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Monday, March 23, 2015

Empty Sea (MTC)

March 16th

Well this week has been incredible, the MTC is an amazing place! I am really sad to leave, but I am excited to go to work! I leave tomorrow morning at 3 am. I JUST GOT HERE. Time flies when you are working hard! Haha 
  This week at the Tuesday Devotional Quentin L. Cook came! AHHH. It was so cool. He talked to us about how they decide where missionaries go. For all of you missionaries out there, wherever you are going that is exactly where the Lord needs you. The rumors are true, your picture pops up on a screen, and they will assign you to either a mission president, the people, or the language. It is all revelation.   I can see the Spanish Fork windmills from my classroom, so I'll just sit there and look at them. For all of you Diamond Fork people on my email list, I was vacuuming the walls ( yes, I really was) and I looked up at a picture and thought the person in the picture looked familiar. So I looked a little closer, and lo and behold the name tag said Sister Savik!! Isn't that insane?! 
  I have a scripture for all of you. 2 Nephi 33:10-15 READ THE BOOK OF MORMON! It is good for you. Study it. You can make time for it, he makes time for you. In fact he has time for ALL of his children! I think you can find at least ten minutes out of your busy schedule to read The Book of Mormon. Partake of the goodness!!!!

Ps. Thank you so much for all of the letters, I am working on replying to them all! 

Sister Judkins

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