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Friday, April 22, 2016

The Third Highest Point in Florida

April 11th 2016

Hola Folks! 
It turns out that I did get the boot, and I got booted to the backwoods. :) it's awesome. I'm with my people. 
Why did the baseball player leave the stadium? 
His coach told him to run home. 

Well it has been one hectic week, we got a call Tuesday morning from our APs telling us that Sister Morgan and I will be getting transferred. We left Wednesday morning to Mulberry Florida to serve in the highlands Ward. Sister Morgan and I got to stay together, which means that neither of us know where we are or where we are going. :) In missionary terms it's called "white washing". Our Ward hasn't had Sisters in over a year, they were really excited to find out that the sisters were back! I miss good ol' St Pete, but I'm excited to explore Mulberry Florida! :) one side of my area is full of cows, fields, and hills (the third highest point in Florida is in my area which is a hill we walk on). The other side is the backwoods full of gator wrestlers and southern accents. :) it doesn't get better than this. 

And because I know you all are wanting to write me a letter my new address is,
In other words PLEASE WRITE ME A LETTER! And for those that just sent a letter to my old address, I will hopefully get it in a couple of weeks.... I hope. And If I don't respond to your letter, that is because It never got forwarded to me. :( 

I'm with my people :)

This sign was outside a church.
Sister J

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