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Monday, April 20, 2015

I am a mormon hear me roar!

April 20th

This week was just another great week of missionary work! I have come to the conclusion that there is something in the air here, people in Tampa are really interesting. 

TRACKING WORKS! It was a hot and miserable day, we walked up to the last house and knocked on the door. We asked the man at the door (Danny) if he would like to watch Because He Lives, he really liked the clip. He started to talk about how prayer has given him strength, and he told us how he read the Book of Mormon 30 years ago and he wanted to believe that it was true. We asked him if he had prayed and asked God if it was true, and of course he hadn't. His countenance changed and he asked if he could have a Book of Mormon so he could ask God if it was true. Danny came to church! We called him on Saturday to invite him to church, he never answered his phone. We were not expecting him to come, but he did! He loved sacrament meeting! The spirit was so strong in that meeting!

 The Lord truly does prepare people to hear out message. I am super excited to see what happens with Danny, we are meeting with him this week. We want to invite him to be baptized when we see him! Keep him in your prayers!

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