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Monday, April 6, 2015

I've never been good at spelling :/

April 6th

What a week of disappointments and doors slammed in our faces. Just another day in the mission field, Haha! General conference was AMAZING! I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Not much success this week, but we are working hard to find the people the Lord has prepared!

 Sister Sackley and I were heading to a members house to visit there neighbors when I noticed a bolt on my tire had fallen off. The member canceled the appointment, so we turned around searching for the bolt. We didn't find it so we walked 2 miles to a bike store so they could fix it. Turns out it was the bike store my bike was from, they fixed it for free! We headed to the church for the second session of conference, There was only one brother there, so we couldn't stay and watch. We turned around disappointed we couldn't stay. Everything had gone wrong that day, we hadn't eaten anything, our appointment was cancelled, we were missing conference. Then someone in the ward came to the church, in hopes the missionaries were there, so she could drop off some left overs. Sister Sackley and I were so happy! We hurry and ate, biked really hard to the Mcaras to catch the last half of the session. It was a huge miracle to us! The Lord really is aware of us, and what our needs are!

Sister Judkins

I've never been good at spelling

Thank goodness for leftover water from the day.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the coolest Sisters ever!

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