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Monday, September 21, 2015

If you can't swim with the gator, get out of the swamp.

September 21 2015

There is no story behind the caption for this weeks email, I just liked it. :) 

What doll likes to grill meat? 

Hi friends! I hope all is well back at home. Life in Florida is good! I wish that I could tell you everything and all of the details that happen every week, but there is just no time! Just know that a mission is the hardest thing I have ever done, but the most rewarding thing I have ever done. Saving souls is no easy job, it is hard and exhausting. But it is the most important thing I could be doing. On the hard days I want to just go home, I am constantly reminded of the important work I am doing. Everyday I am reminded that I truly do need the Saviors atonement. I fall short with everything I do, I can not do it on my own. I could not do this work if I didn't have the savior with me every step of the way! And that is how this work is possible, it's possible because I am set aside to represent Jesus Christ, and I can promise you that his hand is guiding this work!! My calling truly is great, I am representing the person who died for each and every single one of us! Woah!!! But, the thing is all the members of the church are too! We all have this calling, the only difference is I have a name tag, and you don't . I never realized the importance of the baptismal covenants, and what it truly means to stand as a witness of Christ. I now understand what it means, and my life will forever be changed. Missions change you. They change your life for the better. It shapes you how the Lord wants to shape you, instead of the world, friends, media shaping you. What is shaping you? The Lord? or the world? 
I see miracles each and every day. sometimes they are bigger than others, and sometimes they are small. But they are there! This church is true. And please remember that Heavenly Father has a purpose to everything, just be patient. I have to remind myself that everyday. 

1. Florida's sunsets are the best. 

2. Only on the mission is it okay to take pictures with food. 

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