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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

What famous person opens there door?!

September 14th 2015:

What is Baby Beluga's favorite song?
The Whales on the bus!
  You are all probably wondering why I picked this caption, well let me just tell you. yes, John Cena!! Sister Olson and I decided we were going to go try again. The past few times we have gone he hasn't been home. But, we weren't giving up! It was a nice Tuesday evening, the sun was setting the weather was perfect. We climbed through the bushes to get past the big gate blocking his neighborhood. We walked up to his house, he had this old green Durango parked in front of his house ( not what you would be expecting John Cena to be driving), and the house lights were on. I told sister olson I would talk if someone answered. We rang the doorbell, and when you cant hear the doorbell ring you know that they are rich, we waited a couple of seconds, and this HUGE guy starts walking to the door. I saw his feet and looked up. Lo and behold John Cena! Tapout shirt, cauliflower ear and all! He opened the door, I was barely able to get out the words " We are missionaries and we received information you wanted to learn more about our church" You just might want to sit down for his response.... He chuckled and said " you've been misinformed." and shut the door. We both just left speechless. We both had a lot regret. Sister Olson and I both wished we had said more, but what famous person opens there door?! It wasn't a lack of faith, we just didn't think he would answer his own door!! We weren't prepared to talk to him. So unfortunately I wont be converting John Cena. I am sorry if I disappointed you all!
Sorry this is so short. It was just a really hectic week, and I don't have enough time to write about everything that happens. I love you all!
Sister J

John Cena's house

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