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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Did you know?

Sept. 7th 2015

Did you know in Brazil Dora teaches English not Spanish. I know it blew my mind too!
Why did the mastodon get sent to the principals office? 
Because he was a 'bully" mammoth!
Well folks its been a week! I hit my 6 month mark, Katrina got married, I got a new companion. It has been insane! I am still in the same area, I was told I was getting transferred. But they just added another set of missionaries, Sister Olson and I. We are opening a new area in the ward. the work has been really moving so they brought another set of missionaries to help the work. We are pretty pumped. We live with Sister Sackley who trained the both of us. We have a lot of fun, when president announced what was going on, all of us screamed, we were so excited.
This is all for now! :)
Here is my new address: 
2410 Hillary Crest St. 
apt. 205
Wesley Chappel Fl, 33544
Ps. Shout out to the new Mr and Mrs. Stringham! I wish I could have been there! I love you both! 

1. Celebrating Katrina's wedding at Red Robbin! 

2. Sister Olson
Sister J

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