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Monday, October 19, 2015

Rolling with the punches.

October 19th 2015:

What kind of music do birds like?
squak and roll 

Man, when I left on my mission I thought I was done with the goodbyes. Boy was I wrong. I am now in my new area! My companion is Sister Morgan she is from Portland Oregon. She is awesome. We are serving in the St. Petersburg area. It is a great old town. Lots of nice people, and lots of not nice people. It is great. 
 I don't have to much to write about this week, I am just trying to get all settled in and adjusted to everything. If you know me, you know I do not like changes. I think the Lord is trying to teach me something with how much I am getting moved around.

​Here is a funny story for you. This is something I can see Josh doing, and I am sure he will do it after he reads this. Sister Morgan and I were taking a nice walk. Well, we really were on a hunt to find the elect. Anyways, I am always watching the ground for money, and I saw a quarter on the ground. I did what any human would do, I picked it up. unfortunately it wasn't all that easy. Somebody glued the stupid quarter to the ground!! So I just looked like an idiot trying to pick it up,don't worry it only took me a couple of seconds to realize. :)

Well folks I miss you all! I hope you all have a splendid week! 

Here is my new address: 
 5714 Calais lane 
st. petersburg FL. 33714

Let the letter writing begin!!! 

​1. Does it look like I am climbing the tree? 
Sister J

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