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Monday, October 5, 2015

Don't hide what God gave you.

October 5th 2015:

What is a pirate's favorite school activity? 
Arrrrrts and crafts. 

First of all, general conference was AMAZING!!!  I loved every minute of it. General conference on your mission is the best. 
Here is a  funny story for you. This actually happened a couple of weeks ago, I am just bad at writing weekly emails, so I am now telling you about it. Sister De Jesus and I went to the store to purchase ingredients for a rootbeer float for one of our recent converts. We walked in the soda isle, I reached up and grabbed the rootbeer. Sister De Jesus grabbed my arm and said, " Sister Judkins that is Beer!!''. I laughed pretty hard and explained to her that it wasn't. I still don't know if she believes me, But hey she had some, so I guess she did! 

Now,  wise words of sister Judkins, or on other words something I have learned from my short time on my mission. This short message is the reason for my caption of the week. When I first got here I thought you had to be this robot missionary, and you couldn't be yourself. Don't ask me why I thought that, I am still trying to figure that out. But, as the weeks have gone on, I have learned the power of a personality. Your personality is a gift from God. Why would you hide something God gave you? The more I have found that I am myself when sharing the gospel, the more genuine I sound, and the more the people can tell the power in the message I have to share. They can tell my love for this gospel ,because I am being myself! This lesson doesn't just apply to a mission. It applies to every stage of your life. school, dating, even when you are married. "Everyone else in the world is taken, so be yourself."(a quote from I don't remember where) Don't try to change to fit in with friends at school. If they aren't accepting you, because of who you are, they are NOT worth it. They are not real friends. Think of it this way, if we were all the same person life would be so boring, We would all be the exact same. That is why we have been given personalities. We all have something to offer to the table, there is a reason you are you! Remember you are all sons and daughters of God, and their is a purpose you are the way you are! Be yourself, and let it shine!! Don't forget it! 

1.Here is an awkward pic of me. Enjoy 

2. Please ignore my socks, my feet were cold during conference. Also 6 months ago I watched conference with this wonderful sister. And six months later we watched it together again! one more!! 

3. One day we decided to hand out 14 Book of Mormons.

Sister J

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