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Monday, November 2, 2015

If you want to punch Satan in the face, open your mouth and preach :)

November 2nd 2015

Whats dead and buzzes? 
a zom-bee

 Here is a little explanation for my captions every week, a lot of the time they are from something someone said, or a random thought that comes to mind. sometimes I forget to explain them, so in the future when I  forget, just know it was probably something funny an old person said to me. :) 

 Nothing really happen this week. Poor Sister Morgan was sick, so we had to stay in for a couple of days. Not much to report. But I thought I would send a joke and some pictures. Everyone skips to that part anyways. 

Have a splendid week. 

Oh, Florida.

Sister Morgan

My chicken is shaped like Florida. :)


Sister J

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