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Sunday, August 30, 2015

I wish I was a Brazilian.

August 26th 2015:

What kind of cookies do trolls eat? 
Goat-meal raisin. 
That wasn't the best one...sorry. 

  There are a lot of Brazilian families in my ward, and they had a huge birthday party this last week. Lets just say it is a good thing that missionaries aren't aloud to dance, because I would have looked like a fool dancing next to them. Brazilians know how to shake it. I thought I was somewhat good at dancing, but then I went to the birthday party. My hopes and dreams were crushed Saturday evening. When I get home from my mission I will be moving to Brazil ASAP, so I can learn how to dance the right way. Then I will show you all up!! 

I think my emails are really starting to get repetitive with me talking about how crazy the weeks are. But, when I say it, I mean it! It was another crazy busy week this week. We met with Jarrod and he told us he is over 50% sure the book of Mormon is true. That will change real fast. He reads everything we give him, in fact he has called us for more things to read! He knows its true! We have been teaching Jarrod for about three weeks now, and he has changed. The Book of Mormon is changing him! Never underestimate the Book of Mormon. If you don't have a testimony- read it. If you feel alone- read it. If you need direction- read it. If you have questions- read it. I think you get the idea now, but I am serious. I have watched that book change lives! It can change yours!

You know on the Grinch how he just hates everyone and wants everyone to have a horrible Christmas, and then he has a heart attack because Cindy-Luho made his heart grow. Well that is what the people in Tampa Florida are doing to me! They are changing my life, missionaries aren't kidding when they talk about how you really grow to love the people. you do! No matter where you are! 

Well friends I want you all to know that I love it here. I love serving my Lord! There is a lot that I am missing at home, and a lot that I wish I could be home for. But after knowing what the gospel can do for you, and watching it really change peoples lives, there is no way I could stay home. There is no where else I would rather be ( Whenever I say that I think of the Shaniah Twain song.)! If you are debating on going or not, please take my word for it! It is the best decision you could ever make! It is so hard, I wont lie to you. Some days you just want to throw in the towel. But, then the Lord reminds you of the great work you are doing, and he reminds you of what he did for us so that we can be with our families for eternity, and that is exactly what gets me through the days I want to come home. We all have the knowledge of eternal families. Some people don't know that. I love my family so much! They mean the world to me! I cant imagine thinking that after this life I would never see them again. and that is why I am out here. 

Have a good week! 

1. my poor attempt at a scared face. 

2. My sister Training leaders 

Sister J

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