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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Being Friendly is Nice

June 20th 2016:

Happy Fathers Day to all you fathers out there. But, a special Happy Father's Day to the best Dad ever! I don't know where I would be if it wasn't for you Dad. You are my best friend and I love you so much! Thanks for putting up with me for all these years. You know you have it pretty lucky when you would rather be with your Dad on the weekends at a wrestling tournament, than be with your friends on a Friday night. My Dad is fun, selfless, hard working, funny, caring, and charitable! I don't know how I have been so blessed with such a great Dad and Mom. I thank my Father in Heaven everyday for them! Okay, I'll stop with all this mushy gooshy stuff. I just wanted you all to know that my Dad is the best and I love him! 

This last week Sister Alder and I were about to get into the car, when this lady comes to a screeching stop on her bike, almost taking me out. I'll have to admit it was nice being on the other end this time. The first thing she said was "Hi", then she precedes to tell us that the Lord has been so good to her, so she goes around all day on her bike saying Hi to people (and yes every person that past us she waved to until they said hi back), and giving out cards that say:
Brothers and Sisters meant to be
the creator of the universe is working with me
Just say, Hi! 
She said she has handed out 47,000 cards! She has been wanting to write a book about her life, but hasn't been able to. One day she got on the computer and found a document called "Melissa's life", and apparently the whole things is about her life story, and she didn't write any of it. We gave her our our card with our number, and the next day she called us because she wanted to know what she should call her book. She wanted a good name, because one day it's going to be made into a movie... Haha some people in Florida kill me. 

Sister Alder and I got kicked out of our first apartment complex. :) That was a fun experience, it resulted in us crying on some random nice ladies porch. But hey! It's all part of the experience! We were tracting this apartment complex when this lady approached us and started to tell us to leave. We told her we were just saying prayers, and then it was like she unleashed the dogs or something. She was saying awful things, things that I can't repeat, she was getting in our face and at one point I even thought she was going to hit Sister Alder.  I have never been told such horrible things before. We stood our ground though, she continued to threaten to call the cops. The spirit was gone, so we knew we no longer could be there. We decided to leave, not because she told us to, but because the spirit was gone. She of course followed us out as she continued to tear us down. We were resilient though, and kept tracting in a different neighborhood, which is when we met a really nice lady named Karen. God gave us a tender mercy that's for sure! She was so nice, we both started to cry. We told her what had happen, and thanked her for her kindest. I'll be honest I don't have Christ like feelings towards that mean lady. I had a lot more I wanted to say to her, but I had to hold my self back, because I'm here representing Christ and he wouldn't have said the things I wanted to. And to think that I didn't even get a taste of the persecution that Christ faced. It was a humbling experience to think that Christ faced even worse than that, and yet he still loved them perfectly.  I love my Savior with all my heart. I have felt him very near me these last couple of weeks, and it has strengthened my testimony of the love he has for us. 

Well on a happy note, I hope y'all have a fantastic week!

I also want to wish a very Happy Birthday to my brother Sam! I love you Sam and I hope you have an amazing day! 

Our stake had a mini mission for all the laurels and priests. We helped the young women teach the restoration to families in the stake. It was awesome! I love working with the youth. 
President and Sister Cusick. They leave next week and I am really sad about it!
Yes I went to Ritas and it made me happy! It also made me miss all my Ritas friends.

This picture is for my Dad! Look at this huge smoker.

I realized that I forgot my joke of the week. I am awful! So here it is! 
How does a bullfighter enter a room?
Through the mata-door. haha

Have a good week!

Sister J

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