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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Its Good to Know America is Still Making Beautiful Women

July 4th 2016:

What do you call a 90-year-old woman who eats porridge?

You meet the strangest people on your mission. We met one guy who just
went on and on about how he is glad to see that America is still
making beautiful girls. He of course went on about some other things,
it was another great story that made my journal this week. We also had
a lady invite us into her home to show us her dogs tricks. One of
those tricks was of her reciting the Lord's Prayer, while her dog
crouched down with his nose to the floor. Only in Florida do people
teach their dogs how to pray. There is something you must know about
Florida......EVERYONE HAS A DOG!

On Friday we met our new mission president. His name is President
Cooper and he is so nice, you could just see the love he already has
for the mission.  It was a little sad not seeing President Cusick
there. I'm going to miss him. But, I am excited to see what President
Cooper has to offer, I know the Lord has something in store. He always

 A lot of the people here say really loud and kind of aggressive
prayers. It always catches them off guard when we pray with them
because its reverent and peaceful, the complete opposite of their
prayer. When we go tracting we offer prayers, one of my favorite
things is to watch their reaction after we just say a very quiet soft
spoken prayer. They almost always comment on the difference and how
good of a prayer it was. You can tell they felt something. You can see
it in their face! This happen with a guy we prayed with this week, we
closed the prayer he looked me in the eye and was just amazed by the
prayer. He told us we could come back, (This family was actually a
friend with the young women that came out with us) then he looks at
the young women and says contact them when my wife is in town so they
can pray with us again! Then said to her that his daughter and her
should be better friends and do more things together. So moral of the
story is; if you want to impress your friends parents, have the
missionaries pray with them. They will want you around their kids
24/7. :)

Sister Alder and I have been making a "you know you are a Sister
missionary when..." list. And this weeks is; you know you are a sister
missionary when you have been told in the nicest way possible you are
going to hell....multiple times. :)

Well it was another grand week in the mission field. I'm soaking up
every minute, even the crummy ones ;)
1. fail.

2.Happy 4th everyone! 

Sister J

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