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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Mormon Bucks

May 30th 2016:

Why should you never invite an aardvark to your family reunion?
Because it will eat all your "aunts". 

Well that didn't last long. I was shipped off to a different area this last week. In missionary terms it's called emergency transfer. I am now companions with Sister Alder, she is from Mesa Arizona. She has been out about 3 months, and I have 3 months left. I remember being at that month mark, I feel like it was just yesterday. It is crazy how times flies. On Tuesday I received a call from President Cusick telling me they needed help in another area, because they received a lot of request cards from the Gladys Knight fireside (I talked about it in my previous email). On Wednesday I was told I was being put with Sister Alder, and on Thursday Sisters Shirley and Clement dropped me off. It wasn't a smooth drop off or course, there had to be some sort of complication, which happen to be a flat tire, it was an adventure and a great journal entry. Sister Alder and I loaded our car and headed to the Palm Harbor ward, area that neither of us have been to. Yay for white washing experience #2. ( if you don't remember my previous explanation of the missionary term white wash, it means when two missionaries go to a new area that neither missionary has  been too.) so with that being said my new address is; 7215 Columns Circle #308 Trinity Florida. I'm expecting heaps of mail now! :)

Let's just say people thing the weirdest things about Mormons. We tracted into this guy, and he asked if we have Mormon dollars or Mormon bucks. Haha so weird. We also had this lady tell us she was thinking about moving to Utah but didn't want to because of the Mormons. She had no idea we were Mormons, so we told her and she said  "Don't you have multiple wives?" We cleared that one up real fast! 
I wish I had more to report, but I don't. This week has been crazy and we have just been trying to figure our way around.  We are in the finding process because we opened an area, which pretty much means that we don't have anyone to teach :) We will change that though. So to be continued :) 

I know the Lord is trying to stretch me so I can become the person he desires me to be. I had a feeling these next couple of months would be a little challenging, and gosh was I right. Haha but hey! There is no comfort in a growth zone, and no growth in a comfort zone. :) 

Hope y'all have a fabulous week! 

  1. Enjoy this awkward pic of me in my new area. Ps check out my foot tan lines. 
  2. Sister Alder! 
Sister J

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