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Saturday, July 16, 2016


July 11th 2016:

 Yes, someone called us Teeny-Boppers because we are 19 and 20 year
olds. Oh Florida.

Where do bees go when they're sick?
To the wasp-ital.

Um. Wow. I am speechless. I have seen SO many miracles these past
couple of weeks, that I have been left speechless. We have been
working so hard, and we are being blessed beyond belief. Let me just
tell you missionary work is AWESOME! It is really hard, but very
rewarding. Where do I even begin? Oh I know! WE FOUND A FAMILY. Carlos
and Mercedes. They are what we call a golden investigator. We tracted
into Carlos a couple of weeks ago, and later met his wife Mercedes. It
has been hard to get in contact with them, because they don't have a
cell phone and they have 3 kids so they are a little busy. We had
invited them to church, but we were given the usual excuse "we are too
busy". We invited them to church again and this time the kids were
going to their grandmas, and this was their only weekend to spend
together without the kids, so they of course said they wouldn't be
able to make it. Well I looked them in the eye and promised them
blessings for coming! I promised them protection for their family,
strengthened relationships, and more peace. Sister Alder and I both
felt kind of down when we left, because we can just tell how ready
they are, but they can't get baptized if they don't come to church.
Well Sunday rolls around, we were planning on calling to invite them
again, but we were busy with meetings and some of our other
investigators that came. We didn't see them their, which made us sad
because we thought we were going to have to drop them. We show up for
our next lesson, and Mercedes starts to tell us that they actually did
go to church, we thought she meant a different one at first, but then
she started to tell us it was a little different but they really liked
it. That's when I knew she was talking about our church! They came!
And we had no idea. They told us they want to come to church a couple
more times and learn more about our church, before they are baptized.
Which is exactly what we were going to talk to them about. They are
set to be baptized on August 6th! The Saturday before I leave. Please
pray that everything will go as planned.

One valuable thing I've learned on my mission is how Satan attacks.
I've noticed he usually doesn't attack us with big things right at
first. He attacks us slowly, little by little, and before you know it
you have a bigger problem than you realized. The first thing he goes
for is our time. I can't tell you how many times we have met someone
really prepared, we see them frequently, and all of a sudden they have
no time to meet with us. There lives just get busy, they mix up their
priorities. And it is scary, it happens all of the time. How many
times have you said "Oh, I'll read my scriptures later I don't have
time right now?" Or "We will do family home evening next Monday, we
are too busy?" , heck you might even have a good excuse why you can't
do it right then, a lot of the time he will distract us with something
good so we can't have the best! I can not tell you how many times I've
seen it happen. I've watched it happen right in front of my face, and
I look back at my life and I can think of times when it has happen to
me. I guarantee its happen to you. Time is precious. I have literally
watched people fall away from the church all because they were too
busy. Satan crammed so much into their life that church and scripture
study seemed like the easiest thing to move around their schedule, and
then it was the easiest thing to take out of their schedule. They
stopped coming to church every Sunday, old temptations came back, and
they were gone just like that. Helaman 11:36-37 Everyone thinks "it
can't happen to me", but in all reality it can happen to any of us.
Look at your life. Who are you giving your time to?

I know this is truly the work of salvation. Every time I have
committed someone to be baptized, I have been able to see a glimpse of
what Christ's Atonement can do for them. I wouldn't change this time
for anything. Not even front row seats to the NCAA wrestling
tournament. ;) Although I will be home this year for the NCAA
tournament....Just a reminder Dad :)

Nothing like a nice southern brisket sandwich to celebrate the 4th.

It is tough being a missionary in Florida. ;)

If you are wondering what I really look like in the middle of the day in Florida. Here ya go! It is getting really hot.

This is why I don't bake.

Sister J

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